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About Us

MoPADA-Liberia is a collaborative effort between MoPADA-Sierra Leone and Water Aid Liberia, established in 2011 to address transboundary programming challenges. MoPADA-Sierra Leone stood out as a model partner organization, demonstrating exceptional program delivery quality, timely and impactful interventions, and a commitment to adopting context-appropriate community engagement approaches.

The outstanding performance of MoPADA Sierra Leone can be attributed to several factors, including their efficient and accountable systems and procedures, which enabled the seamless implementation of programs. Additionally, their ability to build trust and credibility with key stakeholders and operating communities contributed to the success of their interventions.

Leveraging their contextual background knowledge and experience, MoPADA Sierra Leone smoothly adapted their interventions to the Liberian context. The similarity in political, economic, and socio-cultural characteristics between the two countries facilitated the ease of the adaptation process, allowing MoPADA-Liberia to be highly responsive to the population's needs.

MoPADA-Liberia's primary focus is improving WASH, health, education, GBV, and livelihoods in Liberia. By delivering timely and quality interventions, MoPADA-Liberia has made significant strides in improving the lives of many Liberians. Their interventions have included constructing water points and sanitation facilities, promoting hygiene and sanitation education, providing training on agricultural practices, and supporting women's economic empowerment through savings and loan programs.

By implementing these interventions, MoPADA-Liberia has achieved positive results, including improved access to clean water and sanitation facilities, reduced incidences of waterborne diseases, increased agricultural productivity, and reduce gender-based violence cases. Furthermore, their community engagement approach has helped to increase community ownership and sustainability of the interventions.

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